Category: Pet Safety

Jan 01

Taking Your Dog to a Dog Park

Taking Your Dog to a Dog Park (What Is Important to Know and Take With You) You’ve decided you want to take your dog to a dog park. You’ve never done this before. What do you need to know to make it a good experience and to keep you and your dog safe? Let’s discuss …

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Jun 21

3 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe and Healthy During a Heat Wave

Remember how desperate we were for warmth during those long, cold winter months? This can be hard to believe when the mercury rises and the summer heat turns into a little too much of a good thing. This can be especially true for our pets. As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, …

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Nov 13

Make sure that Rover isn’t a driving distraction

Most people wouldn’t think twice about grabbing their pet and taking them for a ride in the car to run some errands or to visit friends and family. However, with an increased focus on distracted driving and overall driving safety, there is growing concern about pet safety in the car. “Many people overlook the potential …

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Dec 08

Keep your pets safe during the holiday season

Celebrating the holidays is exciting for most families, but small changes in the environment can be stressful for pets. From holiday feasts to decorations, the holidays present many exciting and potentially dangerous situations for our furry friends. To protect them take a look at these tips from leading retailer, PetSmart: • Deck the halls with …

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